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About Us - Organic Chemistry Tutor

"Organic Chemistry Tutor" is a site run by a two-person team. It started as a project made for a websites' contest organized by a high-school from a non-US country in 2002. Needless to say, the website won the respective contest.

We've then published it on the high-school server and, much to our surprise, managed to rank 2nd for the term "chemistry" in Google in that respective language. We've then thought "Hey, why not translate it in English so more people could benefit from its contents?". But that wasn't as easy as it first seemed, since we weren't familiar with the English chemistry jargon. Fortunately, we've managed to find someone that was somewhat familiar with it and that was kind enough to do the translation for us. The translation didn't go as smooth as we wanted and that's the main reason for some of the English mistakes you might find while browsing the site, mistakes we'd love to fix in case you find the time to report them to us (info[at]

Thanks for taking the time to read this page,
The "Organic Chemistry Tutor" team.

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