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How To Buy Cheap, Rent Or Sell New/Used Organic Chemistry Books & eBooks

So you're looking for some organic chemistry books for further study? You're in luck because we're going to feature some of the best places that can provide you with such books, regardless of whether they are new books, used books (secondhand books) or ebooks. You're bound to find the organic chemistry book you're looking for at a reasonable, or even cheap, price if you go through our list.

For ease of use, and given our audience which is mostly US and UK based, we're going to split this into two sections - US & UK - duh! If you're not from one of these two countries don't worry as most of these stores ship internationally. Plus, when it comes to organic chemistry ebooks they don't even have to ship the product. And even if you're from US or UK, some retailers have presences in both countries so you may want to go through all of them in order to find what you want at a reasonable price.

1. Organic Chemistry Books In The US

»» Amazon US

We couldn't have a list of places you can buy books from without the largest online retailer in it. Everyone knows Amazon so there's no point for us in describing them. For ease of use, you can follow this link to check out all the organic chemisty books they have in store.

2. Organic Chemistry Books In The UK

»» Amazon UK

Just as in the US, we can't overlook Amazon. The depth and breath of their selection is just astonishing. They carry lots of organic chemistry books and you can check them all out here.

»» AbeBooks

AbeBooks is a subsidiary of Amazon and acts as a marketplace for books. You can use it to either sell your organic chemistry books or buy some organic chemistry books from others. Their selection includes new, rare, secondhand and out-of-print books. It's a very interesting site, if not for buying and selling then at least for browsing. They ship internationally and they do have a shiping and handling calculator inside the checkout that can easily help you find out how much it'll cost you to receive or send your books. We've put them inside the UK section because the domain is UK based but it's pretty much an international site and they're actually based in Canada. Click here to check out their full stock of organic chemistry books.

»» Blackwell

Blackwell is the online store of a major UK chain of bookshops. They are actually owned by the US based company Wiley that we mentioned above and they specialize in academic, educational and business books. They started as a bookshop selling academic books in Oxford more than 100 years ago and here they are now, on the Internet! They ship internationally so if you find a rare book or a good deal there and you're not from the UK that shouldn't be a problem. As for UK clients, they often offer free standard UK shipping above a certain threshold so that's pretty good as well. You can browse their books related to organic chemistry here.

»» ebookShoppe

ebookShoppe is an ebooks retailer. Their plan is to have a wide selection of ebooks available for sale in various digital formats. They also have a small section dedicated to free ebooks. Since they sell ebooks there's no shipping involved so they can easily sell to you no matter where you're based. Click here to check out their collection of organic chemistry ebooks.

3. eBay US & UK

We cannot close this article without mentioning eBay. You can find lots of organic chemistry books on eBay and you may want to give that a try as well.

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