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How To Buy Cheap, Rent Or Sell New/Used Organic Chemistry Textbooks & eTextbooks

If you're searching for organic chemistry textbooks, this is the place to be. We've summarized all the options that are out there in terms of buying, selling and renting such textbooks, regardless of whether they're new, used (secondhand) or in electronic form. You're bound to find a good organic chemistry textbook at a reasonable, even cheap, price.

As with our Organic Chemistry Books article, we'll split this one into two sections as well: US options & UK options. Don't let that deter you from exploring all options though as most sellers ship internationally.

1. Organic Chemistry Textbooks In The US

»» Chegg

Chegg is an online site specialized in textbook rentals. Their value proposition is that you can rent your textbook using their site and you'll save hundreds of dollars because you'll pay only for the time you used it. Delivery takes two days in the US and they have a 21 days guarantee in which you can invoke any reason in order to return it. They'll give your money back minus the cost of shipping. Pretty sweet! You can check out their stock of organic chemistry textbooks here.

»» College Book Renter

College Book Renter is one of Chegg's competitors. They claim to offer up to 85% savings on some textbooks, free shipping for returns and free premium ground shipping. Not bad! You can see their organic chemistry textbooks here.

»» BookRenter

BookRenter is another competitor of Chegg. They also offer a 21 days, no questions asked, guarantee, similar to the one Chegg offers. Plus free shipping on orders over $100. Click here to visit their site.

»» BookByte

BookByte is a place in which you can buy and sell textbooks. They pride themselves in processing and shipping orders in 24 hours and in offering the highest prices when it comes to selling a textbook. You can also buy cheap and used organic chemistry textbooks there. What's interesting is that on some of the textbooks they offer a guaranteed buyback price in a number of days - usually 150. Click here for a full list of their organic chemistry textbooks.

»» eCampus

eCampus is offering textbooks "anyway you want 'em". Used or new textbooks, textbook rentals and even eTextbooks which are usually 50% cheaper than their paper versions. You can check their full stock of organic chemistry textbooks here.

»» Amazon US

We can't have a list on books/textbooks without Amazon. Hey, you probably even went there before checking this article out. Click here for to see all the organic chemistry textbooks they have.

2. Organic Chemistry Textbooks In The UK

Unfortunately, in the UK there aren't as many options when it comes to getting textbooks as there are in the US. All the usual suspects involved in selling or brokering books are involved in textbooks as well. In case you know of better options do not hesitate to contact us. Here we go.

»» Amazon UK

UK based version of Amazon, duh! Everyone knows who they are so we'll just say that you'd better take a look at their organic chemistry textbooks. You can also use this if you're from continental Europe and Amazon doesn't have a local site in your country of residence. Shipping costs will be considerably lower compared to Amazon US. Click here to see what they have on offer when it comes to organic chemistry textbooks.

»» AbeBooks

AbeBooks is an online marketplace for books and textbooks. It is owned by Amazon and can be used to buy or sell your organic chemistry textbooks. They offer all types of textbooks, be they new, secondhand, rare or out-of-print. They ship internationally so you can safely use them even if you're not from the UK. The company is actually from Canada. When it comes to textbooks, they claim to be able to save you an average of 50% off the RRP price. The booksellers on the site also offer a 30-day return period. You can check out their organic chemistry textbooks here. You can also search for textbooks here.

»» Pickabook

Pickabook is an online retailer of books and textbooks from the UK. It was established in the late 1990s and it seeks to provide customers with a huge selection of books and textbooks as well as cheap prices. They ship internationally and you can take a look at their organic chemistry textbooks here.

»» Blackwell

Blackwell is a major chain of bookstores from the UK. First established in Oxford in the 1800s, Blackwell is now owned by the US academic publishing house Wiley. They also specialize in academic, educational and business textbooks and books and offer their products through an online store that ships internationally. For UK clients they offer free standard UK delivery above a certain basket limit. Click here to browse through their organic chemistry textbooks.

»» ebookShoppe

ebookShoppe carved a niche for themselves by focusing on ebooks and etextbooks. No shipping involved when it comes to such items so you're bound to save some money just on that. If you can study off a etextbook then ebookShoppe could prove to be a good option for you. To browse through their collection of organic chemistry etextbooks, click here.

3. eBay US & UK

Before ending this article we'd like to let you know that eBay could also be an option when it comes to finding an organic chemistry textbook at a reasonable price. You should give them a try.

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