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Organic Chemistry Tutor

Organic chemistry is the science which presents the biggest impact on daily life both because of the variety of practical applications and the possibility of understanding phenomenons surrounding nature. Therefore, its study is absolutely necessary for understanding all the transformations the total amount of organic substances can suffer.

During the study of chemistry in school difficulties may be encountered between some chemical compounds, a fact which requires a big power of abstracting, comprehending, labor and last but not least, a very organized method of learning.

The content on this site is sorted according to the chemical properties of the organic compounds into eight sections accessible using the menu on the left. "Organic Chemistry Tutor"'s aim is to give a brief but comprehensible presentation of organic chemistry. Each section: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, arenes, halogenated derivatives, alcohols and phenols, includes a general presentation of the subject followed by a list of physical and chemical properties the latter being pictured through general chemical reactions and concrete examples.

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